Ty Graham

Licensed Massage Therapist


Ty Graham is a highly respected Licensed Massage Therapist that has worked in the valley since 2001.   Ty has certainly made a name for himself through the

Ty Graham, LMT

Ty Graham, LMT

demand of his work that has continually grown for his massage techniques.   In working with different Doctors to help deliver the best therapy in massage toward an individual’s health, whether preventative or recovery, Ty has been tried and true to a proven skill set that keeps clients coming back for more.   

Ty has worked on clients from all walks of life from athletes at every level to the average client who sits behind a computer all day.  He has worked on all age ranges from 2 to 82.  His unique style is different than what most massage schools are teaching today.  He specializes in deep tissue and sports massage and is well versed in working on accident victims and post-op surgery patients.
Once you have experienced massage through Ty’s expert ability, you will see how he can make a difference in your health and wellness.  We are so glad to have the opportunity to have his services on board here at OSPI.   Ty is a great addition to our office that allows us to continue to serve the needs and objective we have in our mission to deliver the very best care to our clients.