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Stem Cell and PRP Therapy- Most Relevant Queries Resolved

Are you facing an orthopedic condition, an injury or something that needs to be treated or operated immediately? It is always better to consult reputed orthopedists before you go for surgery. You are no one to decide that even if you family or relatives tell you that there is no other way to recover. Yes, there is an alternative to surgery when it comes to injuries, tendonitis, and tissue damage or ligamentous problems. It has been developed only recently and it better known as PRP therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

What exactly is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy?

As we all know (or maybe don’t), the platelets in our blood are responsible for repair and regeneration. Whenever there is an injury of some sort, the platelets are released into the main blood stream and they bring about clotting and start repairing the area of injury. This is the science behind the renowned PRP therapy that involves injecting plasma rich in platelets and stem cells to heal the area of injury. And yes, sometimes it is even better than an extensive surgical procedure.

What are the benefits of PRP therapy?

Generally it is the sportsmen or the athletes who readily benefits from such costly procedures like the PRP and Stem cell therapy. It is because they may not have the time to afford in an extensive surgery. Of course, if their orthopedists suggest that a surgery is must, then they have no means to escape. But otherwise, they can do without surgery by pushing PRP injections and get into form within few days.

What is the main difference between PRP and Stem cells therapy?

If you are thinking that PRP and stem cell therapy are the same, you are a little wrong. Yes, they work together but they are not the same. While PRP is a serum with high concentration of platelets taken from your own blood stream to accelerate the repair and regeneration process, stem cells are more beneficial in terms of repair and growth. If the two of them act together, the patient may recover in lightening speed. Stem Cells therapy is thus considered better and quicker showing higher success rates than taking PRP injections. Hence, most orthopedists recommend the stem cell therapy for patients with minor soft tissue injuries or ligament problems. In this way, they are saved from the hassles of surgery.

Orthopedic surgeon of mesa az

If you are looking for a clinic that authorizes such expensive treatments to be performed in Mesa, you should always look for a reputed orthopedic surgeon. These treatments are comparatively new in the medical world are expensive as well. So, it is advisable to go to the one who possesses all know how information regarding the procedure and its side effects, if any. Yes, it is understandable that you are in big hurry to recover from that injury; otherwise you won’t have considered the option at all. But, still, do some researches on the reputed Arizona based orthopedic surgeons before you finalize anything.

Orthopedic surgeon of mesa az is describing about Stem cell and prp therapy & how it’s treating here in Arizona.Stay update for more Stem Cell and PRP Therapy related articles