OSPI offers comprehensive treatment options in Gilbert AZ for patients to improve health, performance, and achieve pain relief. State-of-the-Art options are provided such as Stem Cell Therapy and minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. The East Valley providers are continually on the leading edge to bring the best pain relief to patients, including nonoperative and operative treatments.

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Overview of Common Knee Sports Injuries

In 2014, there were 10.4 million visits to a doctor’s office because of knee injuries. The knee is a complex joint with multiple components. This complexity makes it vulnerable to a variety of injuries. Knee… Read more >

Physical Therapy After Total Hip Replacement

One of the most commonly performed orthopedic surgeries is a total hip replacement (THR). The surgical techniques and prosthesis used for a THR have improved over the years, allowing the patient to now achieve optimal… Read more >

Recovery after Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Anterior hip replacement is a less invasive approach to hip joint surgery. With the anterior approach to total hip replacement, the orthopedic  surgeon in Gilbert AZ accesses the joint from the anterior (front) of the… Read more >