OSPI offers the top orthopedic surgeons in Gilbert AZ and the East Valley. Drs. Mahoney, Macqueen, Stewart and Clouse offer minimally invasive General, Sports and Hand Surgery expertise.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are pre or post-operative, OSPI’s East Valley physical therapy team works with you on both active and passive treatments. Your will be in the best hands with our licensed physical therapists!


The Gilbert chiropractors at OSPI offer a plethora of nonoperative pain relief options such as manipulations, laser therapy, physiotherapy and electrical stimulation.


Crossfit Broken Bones powered by OSPI Orthopedics is an innovative performance center that is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

Medical Weight Loss

Patients routinely experience dramatic, healthy weight loss with the customized programs at OSPI. The programs combine nutrition, exercise and prescription weight loss options.

Performance Training

OSPI’s integrated team of healthcare providers work with both amateur and professional athletes to maximize one’s performance with sport specific programs.

Pain Management

OSPI’s Board Certified, Fellowship Trained pain doctor offers both medication management and interventional procedures with exceptional outcomes!

Hormone Replacement

The Integrated Wellness Program (IWP) at OSPI is personalized medicine utilizing a collaborative approach with orthopedic, fitness,hormone, nutritional, and psychological specialties. 

Our IWP offers a holistic approach to obtaining your best self. We offer a comprehensive evaluation with multiple health care providers to assist you in getting on the path to wellness.

Our program offers:

  • Comprehensive hormone analysis
  • Sport performance enhancement
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Weight loss support
  • 7 site body fat analysis
  • DNA molecular testing (identifying over 150 commonly prescribed medications that are affected by drug to gene metabolism)
  • Complimentary Paleo Website Access (With daily recipes and meal ideas)


“Since having my hormones checked and beginning treatment, I am now able to have the energy to work out. My mood is improved and more level, and my sleep has greatly improved.”

“My husband and I are finally on the same page since starting the integrated wellness program at OSPI.”

“The IWP has given me the support needed to improve my energy levels and lose weight.”

To get started:

  1. Schedule a consultation with our nurse practitioner Sarah by phone 480-899-4333.
  2. After your meeting with Sarah, appropriate personalized testing will be completed to pin point your unique focused areas of wellness to target.
  3. Sarah will recommend referrals to you for the necessary wellness providers such as biometric, fitness, and mental health specialists.
  4. A personalized “game plan” for your health and wellness will be tailored to your individual needs.

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