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Orthopedic and Sports Performance Institute, OSPI, is an innovative sports medicine practice dedicated to helping Arizonans maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Orthopedic Surgery

OSPI’s orthopedic team consists of several Board Certified surgeons with expertise in sports medicine, general orthopedics, joint replacement and hand/upper extremity surgery.

Cutting-edge options include stem cell therapy, minimally invasive procedures, computer assisted surgeries – all performed by the top Board Certified orthopedic surgeons in Gilbert AZ and the East Valley!

Physical Therapy

OSPI offers licensed physical therapists who assist patients in both the pre and post-operative settings. The PT providers work closely with the Board Certified Gilbert orthopedic surgeons, Cross Fit and chiropractic doctors to make sure patients achieve optimum strength and range of motion goals.

Often times, our physical therapy makes the difference between a successful outcome versus failure.


Orthopedic bracing can keep you actively involved in your life, offering you the relief you need to be able to function properly. OSPI offers orthopedic bracing services for a wide range of conditions and situations.

The three primary reasons for a brace to be prescribed are to reduce pain, enhance movement, and promote healing or stabilize a condition until surgery can be performed.

Stem Cell Therapy

OSPI’s Board Certified East Valley orthopedic doctors are leading the way in Regenerative Medicine options to help repair and regenerate damaged joints and soft tissues.

This includes treatments with both stem cell therapy and PRP therapy. Treatments are partially insurance covered, avoid surgery today and call us!

PRP Therapy

OSPI offers platelet rich plasma therapy for those desiring help with avoiding surgery for degenerative arthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis and overuse conditions. The East Valley PRP therapy involves a simple blood draw and only takes 30 minutes. For knee arthritis, it is offered as part of the Triple Play Knee Injection Series.

The OSPI team collaborates to help you achieve pain relief and Get Back in the Game!

Outpatient Knee Replacement

Outpatient knee replacement is offered at OSPI with Board Certified Gilbert orthopedic doctors. The state-of-the-art joint replacement involves modern pain relief techniques, minimally invasive approach and customized implants. Let the highly skilled providers at OSPI evaluate and treat your knee arthritis with the most cutting-edge techniques available.

Your recovery will be much shorter!

Pain Managment

OSPI is able to effectively treat all of your pain management conditions with a Board Certified specialist who is an expert in customizing treatments to produce the best relief.

The goal is to offer a collaborative approach that may include medications, interventional procedures, stem cell therapy, PT and more. Get relief today!

Chiropractic Treatment

The Gilbert chiropractor at OSPI, Dr. Mitch Waller, is highly skilled in several types of spinal and extremity manipulations. He offers both wellness and injury treatment which also includes physical rehabilitation, auto injury treatment, performance and biomechanics training and functional capacity evaluations.

Along with the comprehensive treatments at OSPI, the East Valley chiropractic doctor collaborates with the team to decrease your pain, increase your function and get you back to living YOUR life again!

Performance Training

OSPI works with amateur and professional athletes in all aspects of performance including nutrition, biomechanics, agility and technique. The Performance team providers focus on proper biomechanics, movement patterns, technique and correct form that allows members to make substantial performance gains without injury.

Regardless of your age, experience, sport or athletic ability OSPI is the top Arizona performance training institute. Our coaches have experience from the professional ranks NFL, MLB to youth camps and everything in between!

The Philosophy


We focus on an individualized care plan for youwith a philosophy to strengthen the physician patient relationship and help you get back into the game!

— Dr. Ben MacQueen, OSPI Arizona —

Our Providers

OSPI’s East Valley Providers offer First Class Treatment in a World Class Setting.

Dr. Benjamin Macqueen, MC
Dr. Gregory Stewart, MD
Dr. Doug Clouse, MD
Derek Price
Dr. John W. Cory, MD
Kyle Byrne
David Call, PT, DPT
Lisa Stobierski, DAT, AT, ATC
Dr. Jeff Rogers, DC
Renee Privett MPAS, PA-C

Dr Clouse was my second opinion. He opted for NO surgery but to try physical therapy first. I have never been happier with a medical diagnosis. His nurse gave me her email address and a few days later he sent me a very nice note with his CELL PHONE NUMBER!

— Cynthia G, Gilbert AZ —

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