Can PRP injections reduce my knee pain?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injections are a hot topic among patients who are looking for ways to delay a knee replacement. If you are wondering how PRP can reduce your pain and help you return to an active lifestyle, read on.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Your blood contains a fluid component, or plasma and red cells, white cells and platelets. PRP refers to the plasma derived from your blood along with platelets. This plasma is prepared such that it carries more platelets in volume than your whole blood. The concentration of platelets in PRP can be 2-10 times that in the patient’s blood and more growth factors.

During an injury, platelets help the blood to clot and bring hundreds of proteins including anti-inflammatory and growth factors. All these factors initiate a healing response at the site of injury.

PRP Injections

When used as a knee injection, PRP can stimulate natural healing in the injured or inflamed knee environment.

A PRP injections is prepared by drawing blood from the patient and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from other blood cells. The concentrated platelets and the plasma are prepared for injection.

Benefits of PRP Knee Injections

PRP injections have proven highly beneficial in treating knee injuries.

  • Reduction in knee pain without surgery
  • improved joint function

Side effects of PRP injections are very limited since the injection components come from the patient’s own blood.

Candidates for PRP injections

You could be a candidate for PRP knee injection if you have –

  • knee pain, due to osteoarthritis, that affects your daily activity
  • some joint space remains
  • pain is mainly due to the inflamed soft tissues rather than bone pain
  • conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, bracing and anti-inflammatory medications, have failed

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