Dr. Derek Price

OSPI CEO, Certified Performance Training specialist

derek_detailDr. Derek Price is the CEO of OSPI Arizona. He has been vital in assembling the most comprehensive team of providers in the entire Southwest, encompassing the full nonoperative and operative spectrum to assist patients in regaining and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Along with maintaining the administrative side of the practice, Dr. Price practices as a Certified Performance Training specialist.

Dr. Price’s background is not of military beginnings but in the trenches of football where he worked his way through the University of Iowa into the NFL to play for the Detroit Lions. His time in the NFL was cut short due to a severe neck injury which required career ending surgery.

Derek finds time to train daily with his classes while carving out some additional time to prepare him for his endurance events including Ironman and Alcatraz Open water swim races. That being said his number one focus is set squarely on his beautiful wife Heather and his three amazing daughters.

Dr. Price has been interviewed by News stations regarding modern advancements in sports medicine, such as this segment regarding concussion prevention with a new medical device:

Honor man Kokoro Class 17
All- American JC Grid wire Tight End
Western States League Player of the Year 1992
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Certified SEALFIT Kokoro Coach
Certified CrossFit Olympic Lifting Coach
Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Doctorate in Chiropractic, Life University, Marietta GA, Honors Graduate
Industrial Athlete Championship Founder and Developer
Adaptive Athlete Fitness Coach