Non-op, Pre-op or Post-operative Bracing for Your Specific Situation


Orthopedic bracing can keep you actively involved in your life, offering you the relief you need to be able to function properly. OSPI offers orthopedic bracing services for a wide range of conditions and situations. The three primary reasons for a brace to be prescribed are to reduce pain, enhance movement, and promote healing or stabilize a condition until surgery can be performed. The experienced and knowledgeable orthopedic team at OSPI offers quality orthopedic bracing solutions for a wide range of situations.

Types of Braces

The orthopedic professionals at OSPI know that it’s important that you stay in motion. After all, you need to live your life, be productive, and get things done. We’ll work with you to ensure that you receive the right brace for your orthopedic problem, level of activity, and prescribed treatment. Your OSPI orthopedic doctor will work with technicians and staff to carefully fit your brace in order for it to perform in the manner needed. Personalized, professional care is provided to each and every orthopedic patient.

The following types of orthopedic braces and appliances are offered:

• Cervical Braces
• Spinal Braces
• Back Braces
• Knee Supports
• Ankle Supports
• Foot Supports
• Wrist Braces
• Elbow Braces
• Shoulder Braces

Premium Services and Products

At OSPI, we believe that quality in every manner is important. That includes in the way that we deliver our customized services, the care that we take in monitoring your relief and progress, and the devices that we prescribe to help alleviate your problem.

We provide complete orthopedic solutions including orthopedic bracing services, support appliances, and supplementary post-operative equipment. Whatever type of orthopedic device that you require, whether you need a basic support for a simple muscle pull or a technically advanced brace that will help stabilize a complex ACL tear, OSPI can prescribe, fit, and adjust it. We are dedicated to investing the time, effort, and expertise that’s needed in order for you to enjoy the best possible outcome.

Complete Care

We are totally invested in your orthopedic wellbeing, providing you with non-, pre-, and post-operative services and devices. Often, if you have a condition that may require surgery, there is a certain amount of waiting time involved.

Sometimes health insurance companies demand a prescribed amount of time pass in order to see if the injury will heal itself, while other times there’s a wealth of prep work to be done, including advanced analytical testing, to make sure that the diagnosis, prognosis, and prescribed treatment are all correct. There are times when emergency surgery is required due to the fact that waiting may cause more harm than good. At OSPI, we are conscientious in providing the type of care that you need for your specific orthopedic challenge.

Finding the Right Solution

The medical professionals at OSPI are focused on finding the correct solution for you. Often, when a tear, strain, or other type of stress injury is involved, orthopedic bracing will be involved in resolving the issue. If this is the case, we pledge that will work diligently and untiringly to make sure that the solution or solutions that we offer will address your challenge in the most complete manner.

At OSPI, we want you to be up and active in as little time and in the most complete manner as possible. Contact us today by calling 480-899-4333 for a free and no obligation evaluation of your possible orthopedic bracing needs.