ACL Bracing

Knees are generally very sensitive parts of the body. They carry a lot of weight, are involved in almost everything they do, and have an important job. Therefore, knee injuries are relatively common, especially in those who run, play sports, or are otherwise athletic. Playing soccer, football, basketball, and other high-intensity sports are some of the most common ways people injure their knees.The most common type of knee injury is a sprain or tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, otherwise known as your ACL. In fact, if you do play sports, you probably know someone who has had this type of injury.

How Do I Know if I Injured My ACL?

Are you afraid that you have injured your ACL? There are a few symptoms you should look out for. The first and most noticeable is a loud popping noise accompanied by pain. You should also expect to see swelling within 24 hours of your injury. If you leave your knee alone and rest, it might start to feel better. However, if you try to run or play sports again, the pain will usually come back. If this happens to you, it’s important to stop and rest so you don’t cause further damage to your knee.

Your knee may also give out from under you, or you might experience difficulty walking or tenderness in the joint. You could even lose your full range of motion. All of these symptoms could indicate an ACL injury.

How Can a Doctor Help?

By visiting a doctor in Gilbert, Arizona, like OSPI, you can get the treatment you need. Generally, the doctor will first look at your knee during a physical examination. If further tests are needed, you might be scheduled for an X-ray or an MRI. These tests will help determine the next step in your treatment.

Treatment Options

While some ACL injuries might require surgery, most can be easily handled with ACL bracing. This is when you wear a brace on your knee to prevent too much movement that could further irritate the injury. Instead, your knee will stay in place as much as possible, allowing you to heal faster than you might be able to otherwise. Your doctor might also give you crutches to further relieve any pressure you might put on your knee during your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, it’s usually a good idea to refrain from too much physical activity involving your knee during this time.

If you need ACL bracing, you need to contact Orthopedic and Sports Performance Institute, or OSPI, in Gilbert, Arizona. We can help you with all your ACL bracing needs. We want to support you in your journey to recovery, so make sure to come in if you are suffering from issues with your ACL. We provide support, information, and treatment options that make us the obvious choice when you are experiencing a sports-related injury. Come see us today, and we’ll help you start to feel like your old self again.