MCL Bracing

Almost everyone has heard of an ACL injury, but not as many people know about MCL injuries. While they are not as common as ACL injuries, they are not uncommon. While anybody can get an MCL sprain or injury in specific conditions, they are most common in people who play high-impact sports. That’s because the outside of your knee needs to be hit in order to sustain this type of injury. Read up on MCL problems and what you can do to heal yours if it’s injured. While there are many treatment options available, MCL bracing is one of the most common and effective.

What Causes MCL Injuries?

Your MCL is a ligament that goes along your inner knee that helps provide stability and control when you walk, run, or do anything else with your legs. MCL injuries happen when the outside of your knee experiences a strong impact. This can cause the MCL to be strained or torn, causing a whole host of issues. Therefore, this injury is most common in people who play sports like hockey or football that involve a lot of contact and impact.

Symptoms of an MCL Injury

Like any injury, an MCL injury comes with some common symptoms. The first and most immediate symptom you might experience is pain in your knee. However, a lot of injuries cause knee pain, so this is not a sure sign that you have damaged your MCL specifically. You will usually feel this kind of pain along the edge of your knee. You might also experience swelling, difficulty walking, or weakness in your knee. If you feel like you can’t put pressure on your knee, that’s another sign. Often, if the injury is bad enough, the affected knee will splay to one side, alerting the sufferer that something is clearly wrong. You might also experience a wobbly feeling that can make walking or putting pressure on your knee feel strange and uncomfortable.

Treatment Solutions

If your injury is severe enough, you might require surgery to regain your normal knee function. However, many MCL sprains or injuries can be treated without the need for surgery. Plenty of rest, ice, and MCL bracing might be just what you need to get your knee feeling like new again. MCL bracing helps keep the affected knee in place so it does not undergo further damage. It’s important to keep your knee steady, and MCL bracing can help with just that. Your doctor might also suggest using over-the-counter pain medication to take care of any discomfort you feel from the injury.

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