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Crossfit – The Ultimate Program for Strength and Conditioning


If you are looking to be in the best physical condition possible, then the OSPI Performance Center, which is used by a range of organizations, including many Division I athletic programs, police

Crossfit Gilbert AZ

Crossfit Gilbert AZ

academies, topflight military units, and Olympic competitors, can offer you the results that you desire. The strength and conditioning team at OSPI is trained, experienced, and certified in performance training, and will work with you individually to develop a program, set goals, and monitor your progress.

For Everyone


The Crossfit programs at the OSPI Performance Center are intended and designed to fit a wide range of participants. In other words, you don’t have to be a premium athlete or aspire to be one in order to benefit from this unique and all encompassing training regime. The range of application runs from world-class athletes to grandmothers and everyone in between.

Performance Center Basics


The strength and conditioning staff at OSPI utilizes the essential methodology and techniques that define top performance. Programs are constructed in a manner that uses functional movements that are continuously varied. These movements are performed at a high intensity in combination with a various other types of training modes, including gymnastics, cardiovascular activities, and weightlifting.

Crossfit programs are based on the basic, core physical movements of our lives. These activities are performed by people throughout the world and are programmed into our DNA and, through repetition, become a part of our muscle memory. Such actions are focused on moving the largest loads over the longest distances and, thus, they fit perfectly into a program that is focused on getting the maximum results from a prescribed amount of work performed over a specified length of time.

By utilizing an approach to training that involves constant variety, the functional movements used are performed at maximum intensity that is adjusted to the individual participant’s physical and psychological limits. For results to be obtained, intensity and extreme focus of energy are important. In other words, the more work that you perform in the least amount of time, the more productive your training will be. This is what makes training at OSPI such an efficient, effective, and powerful training program.



The OSPI Performance Center focuses on physical readiness. Fitness is defined in this program by the ability to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Which means that the length of time one may canstockphoto9914425perform a certain action expands with training, as the program focuses on various modal domains as defined by 10 general physical skills: accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, power, strength, speed and stamina.

In this manner participants become fit in a broad sense, making them capable of physical performance in a variety of situations, while using a range of skills across a long amount of time.

Training for Now & the Future


The strength and conditioning staff at OSPI is ready to work with you to develop the Crossfit program that is right for you. Our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable and will ably create a customized program designed to allow you to experience the ultimate benefit. Dr. Derek Price and Taylor Perkins are highly skilled trainers and will help you get in unbelievable shape!

Dr. Derek Price

Dr. Price at a Performance event

For a free, no obligation Performance Center evaluation, contact OSPI today by calling 480-899-4333. We’re ready to work with you in ensuring your ultimate fitness.

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