Family Practice

East Valley Family Practice Gilbert AZ


We are the medical practice devoted to your family’s good health and well being.If you are in need of an all-inclusive family practice that offers quality medical care for the adults and children in your household, consider the professional, caring, and experienced medical team at OSPI. OSPI offers a complete range of family medical practice services designed to provide the healthcare that a growing and changing family requires. Convenient, diverse, and comprehensive, we provide services for everyone, from the newborn to the elderly.

Our Services

OSPI provides patients of all ages with complete and comprehensive medical services. These include:

• Care for the wellbeing of all ages
• Care for chronic conditions, including diabetes, asthma, and heart disease
• Ear, nose, and throat care
• Allergy Treatment (Immunotherapy) with Allervision
• Joint and bone care
• X-rays and a range of medical tests
• Reproductive counseling and family planning
• Medical weight loss
• Physical therapy

Checkups and Routine Visits


It is important that each member of your family been seen for routine visits and checkups. Monitoring changing and developing conditions in children and adults is an important aspect of healthcare. Our medical record keeping, including the growth progress of your children, establishes important baselines for present and future health issues.

Plus, we’ll inform you and your children regarding their wellbeing, including healthy eating habits, the need for exercise and physical activity, the changes they are undergoing as they grow up, the need to guard against concussion when playing sports, and other areas of concern.

Allergy Testing and Treatment with Allervision


OSPI is now offering first rate allergy testing and treatment with Allervision. This involves immunotherapy, which is a natural allergy remedy. The process desensitizes your body to allergens by introducing them to your body  in small doses. Over time, your immune system strengthens against allergens. There are two options for treatment once the testing is complete. The first is sublingual drops and the other involves allergy shots. Which method of allergy treatment you utilize will be decided in conjunction with the Family Practice doctor at OSPI.


Illness and Injury


When a family member is ill or injured we will see them in a timely fashion and, if need be, immediately. We understand that as far as your children are concerned that you often require fast and instantaneous care from a compassionate experienced, and knowledgeable medical professional.

Because OSPI includes an active orthopedic practice, we are well situated to handle sudden injuries in children and adults. Our collaborative manner of working helps to ensure that information is accurately recorded and clearly and concisely communicated from one area to the next. Plus, we are able to address each and every aspect of an injury, including diagnosis, treatment, and physical rehabilitation.

Range of Treatment Options


We believe at OSPI that choice is important when it comes to healthcare. We are not a one size fits all family practice. We understand that you or a family member may benefit from one or another types of treatments. As an example, a joint problem may be addressed utilizing one or more of these options, pain medication, chiropractic treatment, stem cell therapy, or orthopedic bracing. We will work with you to determine which treatments are viable for the specific medical condition affecting you or your family member.

Ready to Serve You


The healthcare professionals at OSPI are ready to serve all of your family practice needs. For an appointment or to further discuss our services, please call 480-899-4333. We will work with your busy schedule to make sure that you and your family members are seen in a timely fashion. At OSPI, we’re dedicated to the well being of your family, and its continued good health.