Integrated Wellness

The purpose of the Integrated Wellness Program (IWP) is to offer our patients the unique qualities and maximum positive effect that our clinic has to offer in regards to human function and performance. The effect and intent is to devise a personalized, detailed, comprehensive plan to lead our patients towards the goal of experiencing optimum health.

The IWP at OSPI is the complete integration and combination of working on each patient’s well being through biological, mental, and physical parameters. We believe that a true wellness program should include assessing ones health in all available facets of the human body, and that program goals should be custom tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

The Integrated Wellness Program is a large program under which a full host of different specialty health care professionals exist. Our program is designed to allow patients entry in the continuum through any member of our highly trained team, thus ensuring our patient the highest probability of a truly seamless transition of integrate medicine. The entire team of IWP providers works tirelessly with one another for the purpose of maximizing each individual patients needs within the medical and wellness program.

The IWP team consists of a forward thinking integration of providers that include our orthopedic physicians, nurse practitioner, psychologist, chiropractors, physical therapist, personal trainer, and supporting medical assistants.