Performance Training

Decrease your risk of injury and improve your performance with performance training at OSPI. We emphasize on providing individualized training based on your goals and the demands of your sport or lifestyle. In order to help improve your performance each program is created by building your strength and stamina as well as addressing areas of weakness and instability to aid in the prevention of injury. The sports performance staff at OSPI focuses on developing greater functional movements to meet the physical demands athletes and adults face in their everyday lifestyle. By utilizing such mechanisms, these functional movements are performed at maximum intensity which tests your physical well-being as well as your psychological state of mind.

Dr. Mitch Waller, Performance Training Specialist

Dr. Mitch Waller, Performance Training Specialist

Programs offered at OSPI include:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Olympic lifting, power lifting, and weight lifting
  • Gymnastics

OSPI training programs are available for:

  • Professional, elite, and amateur athletes
  • Youth, high school, and collegiate athletes
  • Military, law enforcement officers, and firefighters
  • Anyone living an active lifestyle

All performance programs offered at OSPI include nutrition evaluations. Our sports performance team at OSPI is trained and experienced and educates you on proper biomechanics, nutrition selection, and recovery methods to enhance your performance and achieve your desired goals.