Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement


The Board Certified joint replacement experts at OSPI are now offering revolutionary outpatient hip and knee replacement. Also known as rapid recovery joint replacement, the procedures involve several pre and post operative elements to keep you out of the hospital and walking quickly.Initially, you will meet with the joint replacement doctors at OSPI to determine if you need a joint replacement and to determine if you qualify for the outpatient program. Once this is established, medical clearance for the procedure is the next step. Making sure your weight and blood sugars are under control is key to ensuring the best outcome, along with quitting smoking.

Unlike traditional joint replacement where patients learn to use a walker and perform home exercises after the procedure, these are taught prior to surgery. This allows for increased coordination and a seamless post-operative transition.

In order to minimize your post-operative need for pain medication, the rapid recovery joint protocol includes a very specific regimen that starts before surgery. By incorporating specific pain medication before the surgery and then including intra-operative nerve blocks and joint injections, your post-operative pain will be dramatically diminished.

Along with short and long acting pain medications after surgery, this is predominantly what makes outpatient joint replacement possible today.

The surgeons are very careful to minimize tissue disruption and blood loss during your surgery.

After the procedure, you will be monitored for stability and pain control for a few hours, then sent home. OSPI will have someone check on you after surgery, and physical therapy is begun the next day.

Only the top Board Certified  knee replacement doctors in Arizona are offering the rapid recovery outpatient knee procedures. OSPI has perfected the Rapid Recovery program, call us today to learn more and see if you qualify!