Triple Play Knee Injection



While conventional nonoperative knee treatments have been very good at pain relief, they have not worked to actually repair or regenerate any of the arthritic damage. Until now, this has been a deficit in knee arthritis treatment.

Recent innovations in modern medicine have allowed the Board Certified expert orthopedic doctors at OSPI to actually use regenerative therapies to provide long term knee pain relief and joint repair at the same time.

OSPI has implemented regenerative therapy into its Triple Play Injection Series, helping many arthritic knee pain patients avoid the need for surgery while allowing increased activity with reduced pain.

Here is how the Series works. Initially, the doctor will utilize the MiEye technology on your knee to visualize inside the joint to see exactly where the damaged areas are. If you are deemed a candidate to complete the Series, an initial cortisone injection is performed to treat inflammation. Physical therapy is begun shortly thereafter.

Step 2 in the series involves a biologic injection called PRP therapy, known as platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP is what stimulates the healing response in our bodies and starts the regenerative process. The injection is performed a month after Step 1 and once again is performed with the MiEye technology so the exact treatment location is established. Physical therapy will continue.

Approximately one month later, Step 3 is performed with amniotic therapy. The injection stimulates the repair process in the cartilage, inhibits scar tissue and further decreases inflammation. The entire series takes between six and eight weeks and frequently succeeds at providing exceptional relief. Patients often return to desired sports and recreational activities.

Some patients’ insurance plans will cover the procedures – a prior authorication is necessary prior to the procedures for determination.

To find out if you are a candidate for this revolutionary Triple Play Injection Series, call Orthopedic and Sports Performance Institute today at (480) 899-4333.